Hire Charges and Booking Procedures

1. Introduction

The HIRER means the person whose name & signature appear on the Hire Agreement. The PREMISES means Cawston Community Hall (CCH), grounds and associated car parking areas. CAWSTON PARISH COUNCIL is the owner of the PREMISES and is in charge of the management and operation of the PREMISES, with whom the HIRER enters into a Hire Agreement. The HIRER should be aware that the ‘Hall Information’ poster, which can be found on the notice board in the CCH foyer, provides information about the PREMISES facilities and their usage. Supplementary notices are positioned around the building, providing additional instructions and advice on use and operation of the facilities/equipment. Please contact the Facilities Manager if clarification is required about any element of the booking. In the event of an emergency occurring, the name and telephone number of the person to be contacted is provided on the main notice board in the CCH foyer.

2. Hire Charges

The hire charges for CCH are set out in the table below. These will be reviewed annually. Organisations that hire CCH on a regular basis will be given 2 months’ notice of any change to the rates of hire. Hire charges will be published on CAWSTON PARISH COUNCIL and Community Hall websites and in the Cawston Parish Newsletter.

Table of Hire Charges
per Hour
Main Hall £20
Function Room £16
Meeting Room £8
Cawston Residents & Regular Hirers benefit from a 20% discount to the advertised costs above.
Definitions of Categories of User
Cawston Residents:

The HIRER must have a residential or business address within Cawston Village.

Non-Cawston Residents:

The HIRER does not have a residential or business address within Cawston Village.

 Regular Hirer:

Regular Bookings: Examples include use of a room every week during school terms or every month during the year.

3 . Booking Procedures
Casual Use:

1. Request for casual booking is received by email/phone/post by the Facilities Manager. If required room(s) is/are available and the request is suitable, the Facilities Manager will provisionally book the time and send a Booking Form and Hire Agreement via email to the HIRER.
2. The HIRER should complete the Booking Form and Hire Agreement and return to the Facilities Manager with a cheque to be retained as a Bond/Deposit and a cheque for the hire of the room(s) which will be cashed (or pay by electronic bank transfer).
3. The Facilities Manager returns a copy of the Hire Agreement with Terms and Conditions to the HIRER.
4. After the event the Bond/Deposit cheque is returned to the customer, providing the HIRER has, in the opinion of CAWSTON PARISH COUNCIL, complied with the terms and conditions as outlined in this document, and there is no damage to the building.

Regular Bookings:

1. HIRER sends an email to the Facilities Manager at least 2 weeks before the start of term with the required dates for the term (or longer) ahead.
2. The Facilities Manager sends a copy of the Hire Agreement to the HIRER to be signed and invoices the HIRER for the first month’s bookings (or whole term if preferred).
3. The HIRER returns a cheque (or pays by electronic bank transfer) to the Facilities for the invoiced amount, plus returns the signed Hire Agreement.
4. The Facilities Manager then sends an invoice to the HIRER for each subsequent month’s bookings 2 weeks before the start of each month (if applicable). Full payment for the hire, and Bond/Deposit, must be received in advance of the event.

The Hire Charge covers use of the tables and chairs owned by CCH and the use of the Kitchen facilities. Hire does not include items stored by other users. The hire period paid for must include time for setting-up and taking-down, as well as time to enter and exit the PREMISES.

These hire charges are correct at the date of issue on 1 April 2020.